About 2ndaddictz


I’m Lea, the founder of 2ndaddictz :)

My Journey: 

I’ve been addicted to second hand clothes since 2019 when I first started selling vintage stuff on my Vinted @lxavt. My account quickly gained popularity with over 2k followers and more than 500 five star reviews. With that my passion to clothes grew and grew. 

At the beginning of 2020 I started to post more about my y2k clothes and hip-hop baggy jeans on Tiktok. There I immediately got overwhelmed with daily comments about styling advice and people frequently asked where my clothes are from. Unfortunately I couldn’t always give good answers since 99% of my clothes are thrifted. With all that positive feedback I wanted to help people from around the world to find this kind of second-hand pieces more easily. I was wondering how I could expand from only selling nationally in Germany to selling internationally. So together with my best friend, we decided to open our first instagram shop. It was crazy! In such a short amount of time we gained over 3k second-hand addictz!:) 

After selling around 300 items together, I decided to take a further step and find an more accessible way to provide you all with unique hand picked second hand items.

That’s how the 2ndaddictz online-shop was created!


Finding your true self in clothes:

Like probably most of you I’ve been through several phases of styles and have tried out all the trends that exist. But was that really me? I’ve always struggled finding a style I like and not wearing mainstream clothes every second person has. With second hand clothes I finally found my real self! It’s uniqueness allows me to wear what I truly feel like and gives me the most special feeling because I know I’m the only one who owns this pair of baggy jeans!


Our environment is important!

Fast Fashion is the second largest consumer of water. 700 gallons of water are required to produce one simple cotton shirt. For a pair of jeans it’s 2,000 gallons of water. But what does the term Fast Fashion mean? It’s all the big brands who produce a mass of clothing in shortest amount of time to keep up with the latest trends. The production and shipping which is usually overseas releases a big part of greenhouse-gas emissions. All in all fast fashion has a huge impact on our environment.

So I am asking you…

Is it really worth it to buy a cheap 10€ shirt which every second person wears rather than buying a second hand shirt for 20€ that no one else has plus you don’t harm our environment?

It’s your choice. Think about the world your children’s will be living in later.

What’s so bad about wearing a piece more than a few times? 

Nothing. Because almost all of those second hand pieces from the 90’s and early 2000s have such a high quality not comparable to fast fashion items. Just look at our baggy jeans that have been passed on for years but are still in perfect condition! Value over cheap fabric.


With that being said, 2ndaddictz has made it their goal to provide you all with unique high-quality second hand pieces that won’t do any harm to the environment. Do yourself and our world a favor and prioritise value over fast and cheap fashion!